Dancing on the way Electric Daisy Festival

Dancing on the way Electric Daisy Festival

Dance Festival is making on his way to the United States after rocking Europe for some time. From 16th June to 18th June, Vegas Strips are filled with the amplified bass that increases the Richter scale. Electric Daisy Festival is certainly a heavyweight without any doubt where people can enjoy themselves completely with the near and dear ones.

From the year 1997, Electric Daisy Festival has been entertaining thousands of music lovers in United States of America. Dance goes on for three days continuously. People can dance from dusk to dawn. Due to popularity of the festival, it has become an international affair now-a-days. Inspiration for the festival has been taken from some of places such as United Kingdom, Puerto Rico and Mexico. The festival is arranged on the Las Vegas strips to entertain the people completely. More than 400,000 people attend this festival. It has been considered as one of the best electronic dance festival. Therefore, it has been often considered as “American Ibiza”

Electronic Daisy Festival

Dance festival is a part of European culture. It has been making its way from Europe to United States right now. DJs come with their round tables to offer entertainment to the people. Music is arranged mostly with the assistance from the laptops. In 1997, it has started in Shrine Expo Hall of Los Angeles. However, it has found its more permanent place in Las Vegas Motor Speedway from 2011. Renowned artists for electronic acts are generally booked for the event. A carnival like feeling can be found from different corners. Both pyrotechnics and mind-blowing visuals are showcased during the festival also.

Let’s look at the Music Lovers at night

Lots of performances based on EDC are seen here. Stilt walkers, dancers and clowns are there to entertain you. Interesting costume can be worn for this event quite naturally. By letting yourself loose, you can have fun of a lifetime. Due to presence of big installations, you can be dazzled completely. Several rides are arranged similar to the fair like slides, Ferris wheel, swings and carousels.

Intensity of music may start to increase from the middle of night which can be considered as a characteristic for all the major EDC festival in the world. The festivity goes on till the sun shows its first light. So, you must reach at the location for one-nighters.

Chances of camping in the ground may not be found. Therefore, hippies may not be noticed in the tents at all. However, basic amenities can be seen here quite naturally. Therefore, you may not be disappointed at all. Through VIP package, you can book a place in a luxurious hotel at Las Vegas.

Electric Daisy Festival is an amazing experience. Spectacle of light cannot be forgotten ever. Sound creates a great impact on the mind. Participating in this festival can be considered as a dream. Every year EDC surpasses the expectation of the crowd. Therefore, crowd may able to experience something new. It is a kind of festival that must be added to the bucket list.



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