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Dancing on the way Electric Daisy Festival

Dance Festival is making on his way to the United States after rocking Europe for some time. From 16th June to 18th June, Vegas Strips are filled with the amplified bass that increases the Richter scale. Electric Daisy Festival is certainly a heavyweight without any doubt where people can enjoy themselves completely with the near and dear ones.

From the year 1997, Electric Daisy Festival has been entertaining thousands of music lovers in United States of America. Dance goes on for three days continuously. People can dance from dusk to dawn. Due to popularity of the festival, it has become an international affair now-a-days. Inspiration for the festival has been taken from some of places such as United Kingdom, Puerto Rico and Mexico. The festival is arranged on the Las Vegas strips to entertain the people completely. More than 400,000 people attend this festival. It has been considered as one of the best electronic dance festival. Therefore, it has been often considered as “American Ibiza”

Electronic Daisy Festival

Dance festival is a part of European culture. It has been making its way from Europe to United States right now. DJs come with their round tables to offer entertainment to the people. Music is arranged mostly with the assistance from the laptops. In 1997, it has started in Shrine Expo Hall of Los Angeles. However, it has found its more permanent place in Las Vegas Motor Speedway from 2011. Renowned artists for electronic acts are generally booked for the event. A carnival like feeling can be found from different corners. Both pyrotechnics and mind-blowing visuals are showcased during the festival also.

Let’s look at the Music Lovers at night

Lots of performances based on EDC are seen here. Stilt walkers, dancers and clowns are there to entertain you. Interesting costume can be worn for this event quite naturally. By letting yourself loose, you can have fun of a lifetime. Due to presence of big installations, you can be dazzled completely. Several rides are arranged similar to the fair like slides, Ferris wheel, swings and carousels.

Intensity of music may start to increase from the middle of night which can be considered as a characteristic for all the major EDC festival in the world. The festivity goes on till the sun shows its first light. So, you must reach at the location for one-nighters.

Chances of camping in the ground may not be found. Therefore, hippies may not be noticed in the tents at all. However, basic amenities can be seen here quite naturally. Therefore, you may not be disappointed at all. Through VIP package, you can book a place in a luxurious hotel at Las Vegas.

Electric Daisy Festival is an amazing experience. Spectacle of light cannot be forgotten ever. Sound creates a great impact on the mind. Participating in this festival can be considered as a dream. Every year EDC surpasses the expectation of the crowd. Therefore, crowd may able to experience something new. It is a kind of festival that must be added to the bucket list.



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Arrival of autumn in America itself is a big festival where people engage in celebrating cooler weather, changing color of leaves and the harvest of crops. Hence the fall season does not merely means the celebration of Halloween; rather people love to be the part of harvesting apples to tasting oysters. People from different parts of the USA start enjoying autumn’s onset with food and drinks festivals. Let’s have a look some of the interesting US fall festivals –

  1. Wine and Chile Fiesta

The Wine and Chile Fiesta is the part of deep-rooted traditions in Santa Fe. The festival is celebrated for 5 days. Although the festival seems excessively spicy for the sensitive palate lovers, in reality it does not as spicy as it sounds. In fact, Santa Fe culinary tradition has already gained much appreciation throughout America and this fall festival has now been considered as one of the best small-town autumn festivals in the country.

The Wine and Chile Fiesta evolves round 75 best restaurants in Santa Fe with 90 national wineries. Along with that, people get to involve in cooking demos, wine and food tasting and many more things. It is held at the Santa Fe Opera House.

  1. National Apple Harvest Festival

October in Arendtsville and Biglerville means the harvest time for apples. These tiny Pennsylvania towns team up to pay homage to this autumn fruit through the annual National Apple Harvest Festival.

Celebrated in the South Mountain Fairgrounds, it is the festival dedicated to the true apple lovers where the visitors get the chance to apple-picking, eat the meal on apple dumplings with apple sauce, drink freshly pressed cider and get some fresh apples to celebrate. The festival is celebrated through the first 2 weekends in October when people also enjoy live music, square dancing and Native American dance.

  1. Wellfleet Oyster Fest

Celebrated in the New England town, this 2-day Wellfleet Oyster Fest centers round the mollusk. This fall festival has gained the popularity for shellfish focusing on shucking, tasting and cooking competitions. In fact, the town of Wellfleet located on Cape Cod has international fame because of its oysters. During this festival, the shell-fishermen of this place offer their stuffs such as delicious fresh seafood chowders, briny oysters and clams and stuffed clams. Apart from slurping the seafood, the festival also features artisans exhibiting and selling their handmade jewelry and other things.

  1. Harvest on the Harbor

Travelling to Maine during the fall is so alluring that every year more than 5,000 people make their trip to Maine to take part in this 4-day Harvest on the Harbor Festival. They get the chance to enjoy the finest locally produced foods of Maine, delicious dishes prepared by the top chefs and locally produced beers and wines.

  1. German Village Oktoberfest

If you have any regret for not taking the part of Munich’s celebration of beer in Oktoberfest, you have parallel celebration occasion by participating in the Columbus Oktoberfest in Ohio. Holding in a 100,000 square-feet pavilion, the festival centers round drinking brews, dancing on the floors, staging live music and doing the polka. Of course, beer is the center of attraction for this festival along with featuring Art & Craft by craftspeople and parade and popular German dishes.


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This year, Halloween falls on Oct 31, Monday. Halloween is celebrated in the later half of October in the US. The word has its origin in Scottish term All Hallows’ Eve or a hallowed evening or Holy evening. The festival originated in Ireland, the UK, and northern France when the Celtics lived there several thousands of years back. Celtics celebrated the new year on November 1 as Samhain (pronounced sow-in meaning summer’s end).



Colonial New England celebrated Halloween with reservations because of the rigid Protestant belief systems there. The state of Maryland and the South celebrated Halloween more than any other. The culture of American Indians and the Europeans mixed later to give birth to a new culture that celebrated Halloween differently. Immigrants from Ireland brought Irish and English traditions, and Americans started dressing up in costumes and went around asking for food or money, this practice has become what we today call “trick-or-treat.”


In the late nineteenth century, America began celebrating Halloween more as a holiday geared towards community and neighborly get-togethers than about ghosts, pranks, and witchcraft. By the end of the century, both children and adults participated in Halloween. Now it was focused on games, foods of the season and festive costumes. The “frightening” or “grotesque” elements were taken out of Halloween celebrations. Slowly, Halloween lost most of its superstitious and religious overtones by the beginning of the twentieth century.


Halloween began to be community celebration with parades and town-wide parties. Trick-or-treat continues to be a way for the entire community to share the Halloween celebration. Today, it is the country’s second largest commercial holiday with Americans spending about $ 6 million annually.


Dressing up in costume for Halloween has its roots both in European and Celtic culture. Several hundreds of years ago, winter represented a time of the year when uncertainty and fear ruled. People were full of worry about the impending dark and ghosts. To keep away ghosts from entering their homes, people would place bowls of food outside their homes to appease the ghosts. They lighted candles in the path to help the spirits to return safely.


Halloween was more about games, tricks, and superstitions which have been long forgotten in the current traditions. Women expecting to get to know the name of their future husbands using apple peels, using hazelnuts to understand if their love would last, etc. are superstitions that were believed in the past.

Children will be seen dressed in scary costumes walking from door to door asking residents – “treat or trick”? The homeowner can either offer them candies or be tricked.

Many cities have their own celebrations like the Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade in New York City this year. Halloween is not just a festival. It is a big business with retailers expecting to sell products including costumes in millions. It is the time when US consumes the most amount of candies.

Guide for Festivals in California in 2016 – Best Places to Go

Most of the festivals in California are known for special types of food, culture, sports and fairs. Festivals are always enjoyable as they bring people from different places together. On one hand, you may observe weird festivals that have been offered for the fun element only such as Bed Races, Poison Ivy Contest and Golf Cart Festival. However, on the other side, you may come across festivals that have been created based on food such as Chocolate Festival, Almond and Wine Festival and Olive Festivals. In this article, we may talk about the popular festivals from California exclusively as the list of festivals in this region is quite long. Each of festival has their own fan. Therefore, dearth of visitors may not be seen in any of these festivals.

California Wine Festival

From July 14th to 16th, a wine festival is arranged. During this festival, premium wines from finest places are exhibited here. In addition, it is possible to get some bites of food from renowned chefs and vendors.

Sunset Savor the Central Coast

Four day long festival of Sunset Savor the Central Coast starts from 29th of September and may go on till 2nd October. In the Hearst Castle, opening gala is held. The backdrop of the castle works remarkable well for the festival. Celebrity chefs present their food to the people. Adventurous tours are organized for the visitors. It may be possible to know about trends of the world food, travel, wine and gardening during the festival also.

Half Moon Bay Art and Pumpkin Festival

On 15th and 16th October over the main street of Half Moon Bay, this festival unwrap itself in full glory. Pancake breakfast is served from 7 am in the morning. Pumpkin Parade, Costume Festival and Pie Eating Contest are also part of this festival. On the occasion, pumpkins are smashed to increase the entertainment quotient of festival further. If you are artist from heart and mind then you can easily take part in Pumpkin Carving festival

In the month of October, a single day or a week is generally considered for this festival. During last week of October, it is usually seen. During the festival, people enjoy beer directly from the tap. Different kinds of food and savory items are served also. Festivals in California are always flavorful without any doubt.

Festival of Lights

From the 25th of November, festival of lights are started and continued till January. By the Mission Inn Hotel and Spa, this festival is arranged. About 4 million lights are illuminated on the occasion. In addition, there are about 400 lights with animated figures such as elves, angels and others. There is an ice skating rink where you may see several musicians and carolers. It has been considered one of the best festivals in California.

Harvest Festival

Through the Harvest Festival on December 2nd to 4th December, lots of handmade items are showcased. Clothes, jewelry, specialty food, original art that has been made of ceramic or wood and photography can be bought during this festival. Entertain arena is created both for the kids and adults.

Due to nature of festivals in California, it is enjoyed quite naturally by the people.