Best Planning For A Road Trip Vacation Across The USA

Travelling through the mesmerizing landscapes and cities of the USA is mostly about a dream – a dream of murmuring the fascinating place names and finding the route to make that dream come true. Once you make a choice for American road trip, you can discover that America that you have never seen – exploring the iconic American highways, paddling down a river, living in some unknown places, testing your adaptability, moving on in spite of anxiety and exhaustion…the list is quite lengthy. How could you resist yourself from a dreamy American road trip? Of course, sometimes things may go bump on the roads, but with proper planning and forethought, you can make an American road trip a lot smoother.

Items You Must Carry

  • US road atlas
  • GPS navigation system
  • Cell phone
  • Auto fluids and tools
  • Cooler
  • First-aid kits
  • Snacks

Step 1

First, choose a destination. Usually, a cross-country road trip may take one week. But unless you plan for a road trip of ten to 14 days, you will have to spend most of the time driving your car. Therefore, you need to set a proper balance how much time you will like spend on the road with how long you will stay in one or more places. A major part of fun in a road trip involves with driving on the highway and exploring the unknown cities and towns. You can also choose some unusual and off-beat attractions of the USA to be covered by your road trip. Once you finalize the destination, you should create its route, sort out the directions and include all those information to the GPS.

Step 2

Arrange the lodging reservation far in advance. Remember that all the hotels and motels rooms in famous locations during the peak seasons (for example, California or Florida beaches during summer season) sell out fast. Therefore, you need to book the lodging accommodations as early as possible. Of course, for the last-minute trip, you may arrange a room by dropping in at a motel, but you cannot depend on it. So, keep a backup plan if you ever fail to arrange lodging. May be you need to drive one hour more past your destination to range a room for the night.

Step 3

Your packing also requires proper planning. Since you will be in the car most of the time, you should not load so many things and keep enough room for your leg and elbow. If your road trip destinations are the US beaches, carry extra towels, beach blankets and back toys but pack as much as you can keep at the back of your car or SUV. Most importantly, keep all the important items like road maps and medicines within your reach.

Step 4

Make a shopping list for adequate amount of food and beverages that you need during the drip. Also you are suggested to invest on a soft collapsible cooler. During the trip, you cannot expect to find nutritious food always. So, try to pack fresh fruits and veggies, salads, bottled water and avoid fast food meals as much as you can. Also carry paper plates, napkins and plastic utensils during the trip.

Step 5

Finally, get your vehicle ready for the trip. Check it by a professional mechanic to tune it up. Carry a spare, jumper cables, oil and antifreeze or extra coolant in the trunk. Also invest on a complete US road atlas as a backup in case your GPS fails to work.